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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  December 28, 2016 3:00pm-4:01pm PST

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advertising history. >> i agree. >> sounds good. >> that's it for us. "special report" is next. bolling on o'reilly and then me on hannity. a lengthy speech and a blistering response. secretary of state john kerry defends u.s. inaction on a u.n. resolution critical of israeli settlements and israel's prime minister said they don't need a lecture. this is "special report". good evening and welcome to washington. i'm doug mcelway in for bret baier. john kerry defended the administration's decision to abstain from the u.n. security council vote last week condemning israel's settlements and in warned a two state solution is at risk. israel's prime minister fired back reminding the obama administration that its days are numbered. we have fox team coverage.
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john hutty has the strong reaction from netanyahu, peter doocy has more. and we begin with rich edison with a message the secretary of state is trying to sends. >> reporter: the state department billed this as an opportunity for the obama administration to outline its plan for palestinians and israelis to find peace and secretary of state john kerry delivered that and in a strong condemnation of israeli policy. >> some seem to believe that the u.s. friendship means the u.s. must accept any policy, regardless of our own interests, our own position, our own words, our own principles. even after urging again and again that the policy must change. friends need to tell each other the hard truths. and friendships require mutual respect. >> reporter: israeli prime
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minister benjamin netanyahu, his government and allies criticized the obama administration this past week after the united states allowed the united nations security council resolution pass that condemned israel over its settlement bulling. the prime minister continued his rebuke of u.s. policy greeting kerry's speech with what he called great disappointment. >> secretary kerry paid lip service to the unremitting campaign of terrorism that has been waged by the palestinians against the jewish state, israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: kerry claimed no administration has done more for israel's security than barack obama. he points out more than half of u.s. global foreign military financing goes to israel and obama administration has strongly defended israel and opposed boycotts, divestment campaigns and sanctions targeting against the long time u.s. ally. kerry spent much of his speech denouncing israel on the expansion of its settlements,
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chastising the netanyahu administration calling his coalition the most right-wing in israel whistle an agenda driven by its extreme elements and the settlement policy is jeopardizing any possibility for a two state solution where israel lives in peace next to an independent palestinian state. >> it is not in u.s. interest to help anyone on either side create a unitary state and we may not be able to stop them, but we cannot be expected to defend them. if the choice is one state, israel can either be jewish, or democratic, it cannot be both. and it won't ever really be at peace. >> reporter: kerry criticized the palestinians and their government for failing to condemn specific terrorist attacks in naming public schools and streets after terrorists. they maintained obama coordinated last week's resolution. kerry denied that and said it
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warned israel of its abstention. >> we've known for some time the palestinians were intent on moving forward with a settlement resolution and i advised the prime minister repeatedly that further settlement activity only invited u.n. action. >> reporter: as prime minister benjamin netanyahu concluded his response to secretary kerry, palestinian president abbas released a statement of his own saying that he's also ready to resume peace negotiations if israel stops building settlements. doug. >> thank you, rich. prime minister netanyahu's reaction to today's speech by secretary kerry comes as tempers have flared since the vote on friday including accusations that the united states had been planning the security council resolution all along. john huddy reports from jerusalem. >> reporter: there was no love lost between israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu and u.s. secretary of state john kerry. >> israelis do not need to be lectured about the importance of
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peace by foreign leaders. >> reporter: secretary kerry's speech and the israeli reaction is the clie maximmax of severalf fears battle and fiery rhetoric. israel maintains that the u.s. despite kerrys comments to the opposite worked with the palestinians. senior israeli official told me it's quote just the tip of the iceberg as far as u.s.-palestinian col lunch sion. the prime minister said there's evidence that will be presented to the new administration. it's unclear what that evidence is. egyptian media reported media meetings between kerry, susan rice and palestinian negotiator earlier this month. but state department officials contend there was never a meeting and that the u.s. was
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not the driving force behind the resolution. >> the egyptians and palestinians have long made clear to all of us, to all of the international community their intention to bring a resolution to a vote before the end of the year. and we communicated that to the israelis and they knew it anyway. the united states did not draft or originate this resolution. nor did we put it forward. >> reporter: tonight palestinian negotiator read a statement on behalf of palestinian president abbas. >> the minute israeli government agrees to crease all settlement activities, the palestinian leadership stands ready to resume negotiations. >> reporter: the palestinians want the negotiations to be based on friday's u.n. resolution. that alone can be a nonstarter for israeli officials. that said a palestinian delegation plans to attend a
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middle east peace conference next month in paris aimed at restarting talks between the israelis and palestinians, a conference though that some israeli officials are calling a scheme to hurt israel's credibility. >> thank you, john. president-elect donald trump made a brief appearance outside of mar-a-lago moments ago to offer his take on secretary kerry's speech. peter doocy is with the trump camp in florida and has the latest for us on that. >> reporter: after days of criticizing the obama administration for turning their backs on our ally israel, the president-elect says he spoke to president obama on the phone and they had a nice conversation but he didn't have anything nice to say about secretary kerry's 70-minute long speech about middle east peace. >> the u.n. has such tremendous potential, not living up to its potential. there's such tremendous potential but it's not living up. when you see the united nations solve a problem?
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they don't. they cause problems. so if it lives up to the potential it's a great thing. if it doesn't it's a waste of time and money. >> reporter: you have to wait another three weeks for him to take was to but the president-elect isn't waiting to do some diplomatic triage tweeting we can't wait for israel to be treated with such disrespect. they used to have a great friend in the u.s. but not any more. the beginning of the end was the horrible iran deal and now this. u.n.. stay strong, israel, january 20th is fast approaching. that two part tweet caught israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu's attention. he tweeted back, president-elect trump thank you for your warm friendship and clear cut support for israel. a nonsocial media signal america's relationship with ally israel may change sooner rather than later. the transition team just needs a special representative for international negotiations and it's a long time trump organization lawyer turned trump campaign adviser on u.s. and
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israeli relations jason greenblack. mr. trump talked about the open agriculture job and meeting with a handful of executives from some of america's top hospitals like johns hopkins, the mayo clinic and the cleveland clinic. the cleveland clinic was represented by a leading contender to become the vasek. whoever gets picked for va or agriculture jobs may face some big fights. >> the reason democrats will put up a fight and rough up these nominees in the committee hearings as much as they can is because it's what the party's base is demanding. >> reporter: mr. trump also announced this evening that sprint is going to bring 5,000 jobs back to the united states in a company called one web will hire 3,000 americans. he says this is only possible because there's a spirit of hope in this country right now and right after he made that
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economic announcement something extraordinary happened the press pool was loading back up into vance to leave mar-a-lago and president-elect came back out because he said he wanted to talk about what he's been doing in regards to the veterans affairs administration, and an official said the transition team is considering a private option that would allow veterans to seek treatment at private facilities. doug. >> peter doocy outside of mar-a-lago tonight. thank you for that. we'll bring in our panel a little bit early because of the importance of today's news. daniel halper is with us. amy walter. and charles krauthammer. >> we're in a real danger zone at a point in which u.s. relations have disintegrated which i've never seen in my adult life. but what remains unresolved is whether this is a temporary situation until the new administration takes place.
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>> the damage from the resolution is long lasting. it's a matter of international law. the israelis cannot escape it. the damage from the speech today i think is meaningless. nobody is going to remember it after a month. this is kerry trying to express himself emotionally mostly but it will have no import because that administration and the view behind it will be swept away. there was one important element in the 70 minutes of that word salad and it was important because i think there's a ray of hope. the danger for the israelis, the danger for the peace process was that there was another shoe to drop. possibly obama would go back to the security council, take the kerry six-point plan and impose it on the israelis through security council resolution. that's been a threat. and the second threat was that obama would unilaterally
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recognize a palestinian state demanding nothing in return from the palestinians meaning the state of war continues, the terrorism continues, et cetera. where there was a passage buried in those 70 minutes of kerry, which seem to rule those two threats out. where kerry says there's some want us to dictate the terms of the resolution of the security council. he said these are not choices we will make. and he said others want us to simply recognize the palestinian state absent an agreement and again he says these are not choice we will make. if kerry sticks with that, then the damage is done, and we will start all over again on january 20th. i hope he sticks to it. you don't know what will happen in paris. but unless he betrays his own words it looks like the damage is done and it will be somewhat limited. >> amy, even when kerry and netanyahu were talking about the
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same thing, about who specifically won't recognize israel, they are talking over each other. listen to these sound bites together here. >> the persistent palestinian refusal to recognize a jewish state remains the core of the conflict. and it's removal is the key to peace. palestinian rejection of israel and support for terror are what the nations of the world should focus on if they truly want to advance peace. i can only express my regret and say that it's a shame that secretary kerry does not see this simple truth. >> most troubling of all, hamas continues to pursue an extremist agenda. they refuse to accept the israel's very right to exist. they have a one state vision of their own. all of the land is palestine.
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>> kerry says hamas refuses israel's right to exist. >> the long term effects i agree with charles about whether or not they will be significant and whether or not they will be significant. the reality is for this administration the relationship with netanyahu has been tissue and that this seemed to be as much about a rebuke of netanyahu personally than it was about a rebuke of overall the israeli policy and that, i think, is what we'll be remembering when we look back on this. the trump administration clearly is coming in with a very different perspective and i think that's what also to remember is that for many folks especially in official washington the expect jays was that hillary clinton was going to win the presidency and so the fact that she is not the president, that there's a trump administration coming within very different perspectives,
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very different views on everything from septembers to two state solution at least in term of the people he's put ago round him, their views on this adds fuel to what, what is clearly a long simmering fire between netanyahu and the obama administration. >> i'm struck again as mr. kerry was delivering this, by my count one hour and 12 minute long speech. the president again long way away in hawaii, distantly removed from the dirtiness of all this. >> as you pointed out this has been a long standing issue between barack obama and benjamin netanyahu. to concussion on john kerry's speech. it's important to listen to his words. when he says the palestinians want a one state issue as well. but when you look at people who have interest, hamas, fatah, it's not about having one state solution it's about annihilating
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the jewish people and destroying israel as a whole. if they can't recognize israel has the right to exist, where your supposed to go from there? that's the frustration and talking over each other comes from. also john kerry struck me today that, you know, the united states can disagree as a friend with you, and issue tough love. but this to benjamin netanyahu isn't about a disagreement. this is about a betrayal. he feels as though this should not have been brought to the skourngs it should have been dealt w-a disagreement long standing dealt with behind closed doors, in negotiations between the united states and israel. it's not about not being able to take tough love it's about a betrayal from the united states and a reversal of long standing policy to defend israel in front of the u.n.. >> daniel, observations? >> i think it's worth pointing out some misperception and ideas one john kerry ace speech. the whole anti-settlement craze hinges on the notion that jews wouldn't be allowed to live in a palestinian state understand the final solution, right?
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that there would be some sort of palestinian settlement apartment buildings we're talking about and saying jews can't build here because the palestinians won't allow that. that sort of mindset is sort of washed over and baked in and it's perhaps damaging. but as far as john kerry's speech goes it's pure fantasy. this has nothing to do with reality. the u.n. action is very real and has consequences. kerry and president obama though he is vacationing and hitting the links this very much with his blessing as his own administration has told us. what that's about, i think, is changing the way the democrats and the way half of, you know,t perhaps views israel and interacts with israel in the future. this is not something that, you know, they are not going to cheat peace in the next three
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weeks but they will change the way democrats look and interact with israel and in a real, very real way and perhaps alter that perception. >> charles -- >> i want to say one thing. there's one thing that hasn't been raised. that is if the administration -- if i want to give it the benefit of the doubt about outlying settlements and obstacle to peace and all that, fine. but why when the resolution came to a vote, did they not insist on removing the gratuitous language that says including east jerusalem. because if you had it on the territories could you say okay we'll argue about the outlying settlements. what everybody understands, what turns the resolution from unwise to scandalous it essentially declares the jewish corner of jerusalem, the western wall, the temple mount, the central areas of the jewish identity in the world for 2,000 years are alien
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territory that the jews have no claim to. now even this administration doesn't believe in that. if that's the case why didn't they simply insist on removing that phrase, including east jerusalem and that would have at least eliminated the most egregious and scandalous elements of the resolution. there's no explanation of that and this stands, this resolution is now a part of international law, says that the jewish quarter of jerusalem is an area that jews should not be allowed to live. >> again, president-elect trump's pick to be ambassador to israel is david friedman who wants to relocate the u.s. embassy to jerusalem. >> that would be west jerusalem. lot less scandalous than i want sounds. coming up next the not so easy transition between obama and trump administration which we've been talking about. first here's what's some fox
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facilities are covering. fox carolina where a man on trial for killing nine people told a judge he'll not call any witnesses when the penalty phase of his trial begins next week. dylan roof is acting as his own attorney in the penalty phase. he faces the possibility of life in prison or the death penalty. fox 13 in salt lake city, where the state of utah is asking the supreme court to uphold its ban on polygamy. the brief was filed this week as utah's response to a petition by reality tv star and polygamist cody brown and his four when i was sued the state or the polygamy ban. this is a live look at orlando. big story there tonight is the deaths two of people after their plane crashed into a front yard. one witness says the single-engine plane was in a spin when it crashed. that's tonight's live look crowd the beltway from "special report". we'll be right back.
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the obama administration is ramping up plans to punish russia for interfering in the election as president-elect trump ramps up rhetoric calling road blocks from obama. 23 days to go until the new ration. kevin cork is traveling with president obama in hawaii and reports tonight from honolulu. >> reporter: a parting shot at putin. that's what some are calling the white house's decision to hit the russians with a new wave of economic sanctions for cyber hacking during the run up to the 2016 u.s. election. source tell fox news that punishment could come as soon as thursday. some gop lawmakers are
3:25 pm
questioning the timing of the administration's decision. >> here's what i would prefer. let the new congress and the new president deal with russia, pass new sanctions much tougher than the ones we already have. >> reporter: it's the latest in a series of major moves by president obama who is just weeks away from leaving office but has remain aggressive during the lame duck period, from denying states from denying money to planned parent thood a permanent ban on energy development in the arctic and atlantic oceans and a registry of male applicants from muslim countries. >> the only reason to destroy those regulations is to delay any effort of president trump in carrying out his campaign promise. something like general sherman burning his way through the south and leaving nothing but scorched earth in his pass. >> reporter: the new sanctions against moscow could paint president-elect trump into an
3:26 pm
uneasy concern. undo the heavy handed sanctions and be seen as putin's puppet or leave them in place and sting the kremlin when it was believed diplomatic thaw might be in the offing. trump noted the president's change in tone and action. disregarding the president's statement and road blocks. thought it was going to be a smooth transition. not. >> with respect to the transition i think today to be with first to acknowledge we've done everything we can to make sure they are successful as i promised. >> reporter: a broken promise say experts that the president-elect ultimately will have to clean up. no surprise, doug, the russians wasted little time in reacting to the news of a possible new round of sanctions. the kremlin saying simply they would retaliate against washington with a foreign ministry spokeswoman saying this whole episode has been orkd by the white house calling it a provocation directed from the very top. >> kevin cork in honolulu
3:27 pm
tonight. a plan to bring in the new year with relative calm in syria is reportedly taking shape. turkey's ruling party says the government is pushing for a cease-fire as it enters 2017. the details of the cease-fire being brokered with russia have yet to be confirmed. a number of rebel groups say they won't agree to anything until they get more details on it. search teams have recovered a single -- rather a second flight recorder from the military jet that crashed into the black sea on sunday. another flight recorder was found the previous day and its data success analyzed to find out what led to that crash that kill 92 people. so far russia's counterterrorism has found no link to terror. german prosecutors detained a possible accomplice on last week's attack on a christmas market. the tunisian man's name was saved in the cell phone of amri. fox news has learned that investigators found pictures and
3:28 pm
voice males sent by amri within ten minutes of the attack. the president-elect's bold statements towards u.s. nuclear policy are arousing concern over the delicate balance between resuming nuclear testing and risking an arms race. here's a report on whether donald trump's nuclear vision could destroy an obama legacy and put the world on edge. >> reporter: for the last eight years president obama has made stopping the spread of nuclear weapons a priority for his administration. >> i've strengthened our efforts to stop the spread of nuclear weapons. >> reporter: in 2013 he stood in berlin and talked about his administration's accomplishments. he continued to build on that legacy with the landmark nuclear deal with iran last year. it's a legacy that might not last for long. president-elect trump has repeatedly said he plans to renegotiate the iran nuclear deal and last week he indicateed a potential 180 in u.s. nuclear
3:29 pm
policy when he tweeted the united states must greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability until such time as the world comes to its senses regarding nukes. there are currently more than 1300 war heads in the u.s. nuclear arsenal according to the state department. but it's not only numbers mr. trump will have to decide on. there's also the testing of those weapons. the u.s. haven't conducted nuclear tests since 1992 and some nuclear experts are concerned our missiles may not even work if we need them and are calling on the next administration to renew testing. >> so if president putin or kim jong-un suspect these don't work that's not a good deterrent. that's why you want to make sure these things do work and not loin are we confident they work but that our enemies are confident they work as well. >> reporter: one of the biggest concerns with renewing testing is the potential it could set off an international arms race by essentially giving other countries a green light to renew origin their own nuclear test.
3:30 pm
including hostile countries like russia, north korea and iran. >> iran would say well we signed this nuclear deal with you saying we dwoints fun are doing it we will do. all hell would break loose if the united states were to start testing nuclear weapons again. >> reporter: as the next administration finalizes its policy position it will have to figure out how to deal with the world's other superpower. russia. russian president putin last week called on his country to enhance and strengthen its nash capabilities as well. doug? >> thank you. smart technology could be the key to solving a murder in arkansas. investigators believe victim's amazon echo to have recorded details from night in question. amazon handed over the suspect's account details but not the vice recordings per se. police have now issued a warrant to amazon to turn over any records or audio in the case. another melee in a mall this
3:31 pm
time in philadelphia. several large groups of teens made their way into food court and refused to leave. 30 of them fought. four arrested. the mall is no longer allowing anyone under the age of 18 into the shopping center without an adult. it's the phone call that can mean the difference between life and death but with more and more emergency calls coming from cell phones and not from land lines the ability to pinpoint exactly where the emergency is, is also more difficult. and as correspondent jonathan reports the results can be deadly. >> reporter: checking in on facebook, ordering an uber, your smartphone's gps can pinpoint your exact location. but when you call 911 operators may have no idea where you are. between 70% to 80% of all emergency calls are made on cell phones. and many of those calls go to the wrong 911 center. >> our most important question what is the location of your emergency.
3:32 pm
>> reporter: current technology uses cell towers to determine where you are but the tower your phone pings may be miles away or even in another jurisdiction. >> i'm going to have to transfer you to the stiff roswell. >> reporter: we condubtd a test call standing inside the 911 center where there were at least three misdirected calls 2019 hours we were there. >> 911 what is the address? >> reporter: this is jonathan with fox news doing a test. can you tell me what address showing up? >> showing your cell tower location which is at 3129 old milton parkway. >> reporter: more than a mile way from where i was stangds. we conducted a second test using technology from the start up laser 911. >> can you tell me the address that popped up. >> reporter: this time the 911 operator pinpointed our exact location immediately. >> your phone is very good understanding where it is. we let the phone do its work. it tells our system where it is and then our system utilizes the
3:33 pm
network to transmit the voice and data necessary to complete the call. >> the amount of time spent in the 911 center getting to the right location is time that's wasted getting respond towers the scene. >> reporter: the federal communications center says even a minco save 10,000 lives year. the agency is man dating by 2021, 911 centers must be able to identify dispatchable addresses of at least 80% of wireless callers. even so that would allow as many as one in five emergency mobile calls to fall through the cracks. doug. >> thank you. still ahead, what's taking the joy out of cooking? we live in a pick and choose world.
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i'm sure you heard that saying there's too many cooks in the kitchen but the next time
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you're enjoying a nice dinner out with friends realize that statement may not be true. our correspondent reports from los angeles tonight on a shortage that could be a tall order to fill. >> here we have himie. he's a line cook. due to the shortage he's also like my kitchen right-hand man. >> reporter: john owns two restaurants in southern california and like many others across the nation has trouble finding young aspiring chefs willing to get their hands dirty. >> it's not what you see on tv. there's no bobby flays in any of these kitchens. >> this is our secret spice we have. >> reporter: same story in new york where salvatore like to keep both of his eateries brimming with italian recipes but worries about finding enough help. >> long hours. they are getting paid $15 to $22 to $25 which is still good
3:38 pm
money. people are not earning. it's just a very difficult job. trip to bureau of labor statistics estimates 200,000 more cooks will be needed in the next eight years but the supply has been chopped by the high cost of culinary school, wages that can start off at $10 an hour and millennials wanting to go out on their own like aspiring baker britney. >> by time we graduate, okay, i've kind of done that. now let's branch out decent it for myself. >> these are students who saw how their parents were impacted by the recession 20608. they don't want that to happen the home. they are entrepreneurial in spirit. their goal and desire is to go out and start on their own. >> reporter: who pays the price if there's not enough chefs. >> we have six cooks and go dpourn we have to reduce our menu. >> guys with shrinking options. making less. less interesting food for consumers which is not what we
3:39 pm
want to do. >> reporter: kitchen staffs are slinging because of an increase in the minimum wage and rising health care costs which are eventually passed down to you customer. >> down day on wall street. we are still waiting for the markets to hit a historic 20,000 point mark. what will it take and what will the economy look like under president trump in 2017? former finance and tax adviser to the trump campaign steve moore joins me now. you know, since the election night of november 8th we've seen some huge changes in the stock market. first of all, when trump was first elected we saw a huge dive in futures. 750 points. it prompted paul krugman at the "new york times" to opine, i'm quoting it looks like president
3:40 pm
donald j. president trump and markets are plunging when might they recover. a first pass answer never. as you well know the markets did precisely the opposite of what krugman predicted they would do. we're looking at the dow up now 1500 points since november 8th. this is an 8.2% gain. what caused that? >> i think, by the way paul krugman is almost always wrong. he was just being consistent in getting that wrong. look, i think it's anticipation. businesses, consumers and investors are very bullish on america right now. you saw what happened, doug, today with 8,000 new jobs coming in to the united states. that's great stuff. i think people are looking at the tax cuts that are coming. people are looking at the regulatory reforms, the pro growth in energy and say this is a president who takes growth and business seriously. that's why you've seen, you know, this dramatic crease in the dow jones. it's been flirting with 20,000 now for a week or two.
3:41 pm
every time we get right near that it falls town a little bit. look, i think you can read too much into the short term increase in the dow. there's structural problems with this economy that donald trump is inheriting. $10 trillion that he's added to the national debt. the fact we have a record number of people outside of the workforce. 44 million on food stamps. i can go down the line. this isn't going easy. the economy is in very fragile shape right now i believe. >> this harkens back to transition between carter and reagan administration. there was enthusiasm about the transfer of power, great energy, great excitement but the implementation of policy was a different thing. i remember those ruthless battles, that was my first year in broadcasting in d.c. in 1985 and it was rough and ruthless. you're going in for the same thing. i'm reminded of david stockman in that infamous interview he
3:42 pm
did for the atlantic magazine saying it's hard to trickle down. none of us under what's going on with these numbers. >> well we found out that what happened when those tax rates fell, when reagan came into office the highest tax rate was 71%. reagan cut them down to 28%. we saw the biggest economic booms in this history. in 1983 the economy created 1 million jobs in one month. can you imagine if barack obama had done that. another statistic. when he a number of quart, 6%, 7 p- 8% growth. those are china numbers. trump is right. if we get the policy right we can see 4% and 5% growth. economists are saying it's not possible but i think it is. >> it's not going to be without obstacles along the way. democratic leaders in the house and senate today are calling for a dave action on january 15th across the country, the republicans will ram through a budget bill to throw our health
3:43 pm
care system into chaos. one of many road blocks you face. >> they are talk about obamacare. any referendum issue in this campaign americans are fed up with obamacare and they want it gone. obamacare is obama gone. it will be repealed. the challenge for republicans, doug, will be to create a new health care system that's cheaper, gives people more coverage, but also covers everybody and that's challenge and i don't know if republicans have their act together on that but we don't want to see people losing their health insurance coverage come the spring. >> okay. steve that's all time we have. appreciate your time. we look forward to fighting those battles ahead. coming up next trump's transition road blocks.
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>> i think president obama has been terrific. he's been very respectful of the process and everything else. >> i think they would be the first to acknowledge that we have done everything we can to make sure they are successful, as i promised and that will continue. >> despite the heated rhetoric of the campaign, seems the transition was going remarkably smoothly and then suddenly things took a turn for to worse. listen up. >> i'm confident that if i -- if i had run again and articulated it, i think i could have mobilized a majority of the american people to rally behind it. >> in podcast with david axelrod, president obama suggested company have beaten donald trump. the president-elect didn't take too kindly to that tweeting doing my best to disregard the many inflammatory president o.'s road books. thought wiebt smooth transition. not. back with our panel.
3:48 pm
what's fascinating they both have a vested interest in being chummy with each other. barack obama has his legacy on the line and how donald trump responds to this really and how he responds to barack obama in the months to come, i think, really will set barack obama's legacy for years to come and how we look at it historically whether he repales everything and turns back everything barack obama accomplished. likewise, it's not in trump's i want to be annoy president obama. he needs president obama to sort of be respectful of him while he's in office. but it's their egos and they are not able to sort of contain them enough to where it's responsible for either side to do what's in their best interest. >> they must have had a premonition of what you just said. they had a phone conversation this afternoon. listen up. >> we had a general conversation.
3:49 pm
i think the secretary's speech really spoke for itself but we had a very general conversation. very, very nice. appreciated that he called. >> v-very nice conversation with the president. i agree. i think this is completely about ego. president obama took a shot at donald trump essentially and hillary clinton quite frankly by saying company have won a third term by having better message. trump respond than just goes to show that the long standing feud between the two of them is ongoing even in the transition process. i mean you can't forget president obama thought he got the last laugh with the birth certificate issue and donald trump won the presidency. he's up one on president obama. in terms of the staff and transition, the white house team is doing just fine work with the transition team at trump tower. sean spicer said things are going smoothly. two men at the top may be having ego battles but the transition is going just fine. >> then, again, there's this issue of russia that thing we just talked about, one component
3:50 pm
of it. rush as the administration is announcing new measures to crackdown on their cyber warfare and to retaliate for that it throws a wrench into plans to have a better relationship. >> john mccain and lindsey graham says there needs to be push back, whether it's sanctions to tell rush this is not okay. what lindsey graham is saying let's wait for a new president to do this not for this president and have it start on a fresh foot, fresh congress, fresh president. many republicans not just fortunate who wants to say to russia not okay, there will be penalties. the back and forth between obama and trump on who could have won, had they run against each other this reminds me of what little kids do when they are debating which superhero would win,
3:51 pm
batman versus spiderman, who would win the contest. it's a ridiculous argument. it's never going to happen. it didn't happen. the other thing, though, that president obama was saying in that podcast more than just an ego thing was saying to democrats do not be despondent, we lost. but our agenda and our messaging is still powerful despite the fact that we lost the presidency and during my tenure in office we lost many, many seats, under neat we're still going to be okay. president obama has rented office in the world wildlife building. >> i think president obama is being semi-delusional. the damage his party has suffered in his eight years in office is incal cullable.
3:52 pm
presidency. the reason that when people talk about who is going to run in 2020, they're all oxygenarians or nearly because the bench has been wiped out. there has been a prairie fire. so obama -- look, it's not hard to explain. obama was personally popular, remains so, his numbers are high so when he is on ballot he wins. but he just overreached as a liberal. with obama care, with cap and trade, with all of the regulations, and he had a very slow recovery. he thinks that he succeeded the country doesn't. obama himself said in 2010 and 2014 and then 16 "i'm not on the ballot but my policy, my legacy is." that's exactly what happened and his legacy was reend. and i don't think he understands that.
3:53 pm
he refuses preaching otherwise. and he will be the most politically active expresident we have had in a long time starting by the fact that he is staying in washington and saying within a year or so he is going to start expressing himself. i think he is not going to wait a year or so. >> one of the interesting observations i sort of detect in all of this is that you had this huge force of bipolar forces butting heads in the united states. red state, blue state. it's erupting in this transition period with an earthquake it will settle down again. what do our allies and our enemies think of this sort of bipolarship from one extreme to the other in this country? what are they supposed to think of. >> israelis are very vocal in their bafflement in being betrayed by the obama administration and everybody else is sort of laying low, trying to figure out how president trump when he becomes president acts, how he because it's sort of an unknown: candidate, which
3:54 pm
was, of course, never predictable. the question is will he become more predictable. will he become you know, more reliable and conventional or will he consider the same path. this fight with president obama or maybe fight little too extreme this little squirmish suggests he is continue to be. >> this old express that these political battles and differences of opinions stopped at the water's edge when it came to foreign policy. >> certainly based on what donald trump said in the campaign trail with regards to nato, obviously israel is putting a lot of stake in the trump presidency with the moves that were made at the u.n. last week. but foreign policy is different than domestic policy. so i think we will see some big changes but i also think that a lot of things will stay the same, allies will remain the same. obama administration will come back and try to mend those relationships and our enemies will certainly be watching and looking for
3:55 pm
weaknesses that they can exploit. >> the good news is a couple weeks we are actually going to see the nominees for these cabinet positions up in front of the hearings, and they're going to express themselves, get questions, so we're going to actually get something tangible rather than just assumptions about who these people are and what they are going to do. >> quickly, charles? >> i'm nearly amused that the thought 100 capitols all over the world leaders wake up and ask themselves what did he tweet last night coming from the one power on earth where, you know, they say in canada being canadian is like a mouse sleeping with an elephant. the world sleeps with the elephant and they have no idea what he's going to do by morning. >> they will get used to. we're getting used to it that's it for the panel. up next reaction to a christmas surprise being seen around the world. ♪
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>> and finally tonight, a little kid is battling a serious heart condition that kept him in the hospital over christmas. well as the 10-year-old prepared for a big surgery he had just one christmas wish to meet carolina panthers quarterback cam newton and as you probably guessed he got his wish. >> what's going on, buddy? how you doing? are you doing all right? you doing good? you doing all right? i see i, man. oh, man. oh, man. you doing good? >> that's cam newton's best move ever. breaking out the tissue. twice this week. thanks for inviting us into your home this week. that's it for "special
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report." tucker carlson guest hosted by ed henry start right now. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> welcome again to "tucker carlson tonight." i'm ed henry in for tucker. you are looking at mar-a-lago in palm beach, florida. we're awaiting a possible appearance from president-elect donald trump that could come later this hour. earlier he commented on the economy as well as his anger at the united nations over that anti-israeli resolution. will the president-elect weigh in more directly on israel? we'll find out and take you there live as soon as we get more definitive word. in the meantime prime minister benjamin netanyahu is not mincing any words do not need to be lectured by president obama and his cabinet. now the war of words is growing a little bit more personal tonight. netanyahu posted this to facebook a photo of then


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